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The Charlotte Mason Show | A Homeschool Podcast

Dec 6, 2021

Episode summary

In this installment of the Homeschooling Through Challenges series, Julie talks with Amy Bodkin about the unique issues that come up when the homeschooling parent has a learning disability. Sharing from her own journey, Amy gives great insight into helpful strategies and resources to help both parents and children.


Guest biography

Amy Bodkin is an autistic adult, school psychologist, and homeschool mom to her two autistic kids. She consults primarily with homeschool families as the Special Needs Consultant at A Charlotte Mason Plenary. She works with families who have experienced chronic health conditions, disabilities, trauma, asynchronous development, etc. Her practice is guided by Charlotte Mason’s idea that “children are born persons.” Amy makes it her goal to see each child as an individual, not a diagnosis. Amy has recently started a new venture at to provide a home to her advocacy work and her new podcast “Special Needs Kids are People Too!”



Childhood Disrupted

Special Needs Resources for Your Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Special Needs Membership Group

Facebook Group: Special Needs Homeschooling Help with Amy Bodkin, EdS

Facebook Group: A Charlotte Mason Plenary

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