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The Charlotte Mason Show | A Homeschool Podcast

Oct 10, 2022

Have you ever wished you could explain to someone what makes a Charlotte Mason education unique and the essential ideas that guide her methodology? In this podcast, Jeannie shares the seven essential ideas that define a Charlotte Mason education: Nature, Living Books, Self-Education, Short Lessons, Effective Assignments, Intellectual Culture, and the Divine Life. Although one could spend weeks, months, and even years exploring the many foundational teachings of Charlotte Mason, this is a simple quick-start discussion for those who want to understand the basics of what a Charlotte Mason education is all about. 

One thing of central value is that all of Charlotte Mason's ideas were founded through years of research by her, her contemporaries, and the brilliant minds that led The Enlightenment.  Charlotte Mason principles are designed to give children the very best education, employing methodologies that are proven in modern science to be that which ensures a child develops in every area—intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The whole child is educated; it's not just about academics. We are shaping a whole person, not only a scholar. 


Jeannie Fulbright, a 24-year veteran homeschooler, is the author of the #1 best-selling, multi award-winning Apologia Young Explorer science series: Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Chemistry and Physics, Botany, Zoology, and Anatomy & Physiology. She is also the author of the action-packed historical time travel book series Rumble Tumbles Through Time, as well as preschool science books and activity kits, the Charlotte Mason Heirloom Planner, and many high-quality Charlotte Mason based products. Jeannie and her husband Jeff became empty nesters in 2019. All four of their children all went to the University of Georgia on scholarship (homeschooling works!). For more than 20 years Jeannie has traveled around the country speaking to homeschoolers at conventions, covering a plethora of topics from Charlotte Mason to marriage and prayer. 


Jeannie mentions research on nature and its influence on a child’s academic achievement. This website lists a plethora of studies that attest to the teachings of Charlotte Mason on a child’s need for long hours daily outdoors: Benefits of Connecting Children with Nature 

The book on understanding and appreciating art that Jeannie mentions is What Makes Great Art: 80 Masterpieces Explained by Andy Pankhurst and Lucinda Hawksley 

A wonderful study on the effects of arts education on a child’s development can be found here: New evidence of the benefits of arts education


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