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The Charlotte Mason Show | A Homeschool Podcast

Jul 18, 2022

Having toddlers in your home is a beautiful season, and it can also be challenging!  Especially if you are trying to homeschool older children while meeting the many needs of your little ones.  This is a topic that Lyndsey of Treehouse Schoolhouse shares openly about on her platforms, and she is joining Julie in this episode to discuss the reality of homeschooling with toddlers underfoot.  Not only do Lyndsey and Julie talk about the difficult parts and offer strategies for making the most of this season, they also share encouragement about the gifts it holds.  And if you are a homeschooling parent who also works from home, stay tuned until the end of the episode where both share what it’s like to run businesses from home while being fully present in their children’s education.  This conversation is packed full of practical strategies, encouragement, and laughter!

Guest biography

Lyndsey is a homeschool mom of four and the founder of Treehouse Schoolhouse. Before motherhood, Lyndsey had a career in children's ministry and special needs education. Her home education centers around living books and ideas, hands-on learning, nature exploration, and biblical discipleship. She shares experiences and home education inspiration through her Instagram and blog, as well as creates curriculum and resources for families around the world. Her most popular curriculum titles are An Expectant Easter, A Connected Christmas, and Treehouse Nature Study.

Host biography

Julie H. Ross believes that every child needs a feast of living ideas to grow intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually. As a former school teacher, curriculum coordinator, and assistant director of a homeschool academy, Julie has worked with hundreds of students and parents over the past 20 years. She has also been homeschooling her own five children for over a decade. Julie developed the Charlotte Mason curriculum, A Gentle Feast, to provide parents with the tools and resources needed to provide a rich and abundant educational feast full of books, beauty, and Biblical truth. Julie lives in South Carolina. When she’s not busy homeschooling, reading children’s books, hiking, or writing curriculum, you can find her taking a nap.


Check out Lyndsey’s seasonal, family-style nature study curriculum: Treehouse Nature Study


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